a.s.  2017-18


Classe 3H LSA:

The Magna Carta

- The Historical Background

- King's John point of view


An unconventional chat on happiness  video (4AL e 5AS)

- The English civil war-timeline (classe 4AL)

- WW1 quiz

- Questions about the Spanish civil war


 a.s. 2016-17




- Liceo Federici meets Liceo don Milani di Romano di Lombardia 


* Prof Finazzi at liceo Lussana with a lesson on H. Arendt's the origins of totalitarianism, using the clil technique: how to say it through images. A good example of a shared clil experience.

How to say it through images - Arendt's the origins of totalitarianism

 Prof Finazzi and the students of 5n liceo lussana

clil lussana


 * Lorenzo Lotto teacher Cristina Piazzalunga visited us during a clil lab in 5al - 6th April 2017
The meeting brought to a successful dialogue between teachers in order to share methodological teaching skills and learn one from each other

1 2017

 3 2017












* Liceo Federici meets Istituto Noli Marenzi of Telgate

prof. Cristina Finazzi exports Clil practices to the jounger doing a particular Clil lesson for 12 and 13 years old students. Clil is playing with the contents and the language, enjoing it.

Here are some examples of the lessons done with them

 clil 2 2017clil 1 2017









- Playing with Elisabeth I (12 years old students)

- Word War I - some episodes (13 years old students)

- Clil task (12 years old students), draw Romeo and Jiuliet's story

 task1  task2 task3 
 task4  task5  task6


 - CLIL course for teachers 2017 (video)

- Percorsi disciplinari per una buona didattica CLIL

a.s. 2016-17


- Classe 5C LS:

Singer, the Ethics of what we eat

Peter Singer and the effective altruism

Singer equality

Is it possible an ethics without God?

The Ethics of what we eat (video)

Utilitarism  (video)


- Classe 4B LS

Struttura del DNA  (video 1)

Struttura del DNA  (video 2)

Struttura del DNA  (video 3)


- Classe 2A LS

Clil project


- Classe 5A LL:

The Spanish civil war


- Classe 5B LL: 

Arendt's the origin of totalitarianism


- Classe 5H LSA:

STAR WARS and Philosophy:

Hero, morality vs passion

Even if: black and white in Star Wars philosophy

Ambiguity in Morality (video)


- Classe 4A LS:

Tories and Whigs

Introduction to Hume and Smith

Hume's thought

Adam Smith

Empathy and Sympathy

Smith vs Hume


a.s. 2015-16

- Classe 3A LL: Christine de Pizan


   The age of discovery

   English civil war

- Classe 3C LS: modelli role playing

   video attività di role playing

Introduzione ai lavori con le 5A e 5B LL

    CLIL labs

- Classe 5A LL

   WWI First World War

   la belle époque

   video La belle époque

- Classe 5B LL:


   Clil project

- Classe 5B LS:

    The great depression

- Classe 5H LS:

    Our Clil interviews: biotechnologies with clil